**Does not include greenery - just trim some faux or real floral stems and stick in-between balloons for a fresh look***

- Colors included: white, green chrome, gold chrome, eucalyptus leaf

- A mix of 5 inch, 9 inch and 12 inch latex balloons - uninflated

- Balloon strip to hold balloons together

- Can be filled with air or helium - shown without helium.

- Instructional link for assembly

- Optional confetti balloons: Use pulldown menu to choose if you want confetti balloons or not ( 3 of them per 5 feet of garland except for our 3 foot garland which includes 2 confetti balloons.)

- Thickness of garland is about 2 feet. Choose length of garland with pulldown menu to the right.


Balloon Garland Kit - Eucalyptus Leaf Sage Green Gold

Do you want clear confetti balloons?

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